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Directions for using The Natural Solution for Hot Tubs

If you need help or advice please do not hesitate to give us a call

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The Filter Cleaner/Hot Tub Cleanser has a dual purpose. It cleans your filters and cleanses your hot tub. Cleansing your hot tub is highly recommended for new and used tubs prior to starting our system. It removes the buildup in the plumbing system and  residues from the manufacturers.  We want to use your water in your tub, so do not drain the tub. If tub is empty you will have to fill, cleane and drain tub before starting. The cost to fill a hot tub is under $12.00 for an 8 man tub. Well Worth It!!


Day 1 & 2
    Turn down the temperature of your hot tub to its lowest setting. 

This product works best in cooler water. Put your oldest filter in the tub as it will collect the residues. Clean filters later with the Filter Cleaner (see cleaning your filter notes).

Shake the cleanser leave 1 oz. in the bottle to clean the filters later and pour bottle in tub.  Run the jets for 5 min. Let tub circulate on normal cycle for 2 days (No problem if longer), 2 or 3 times per day turn the jets on high for 5-10 minutes keeping the cover open each time. (set a timer). Foaming will occur, do not be alarmed. If there is too much foam turn the jets off to allow it to dissipate. The cleanser removes the buildup of chemical residues and oils in your plumbing and jets. Repeat this process every 4 years. On the years that you do not cleanse your tub refer to Day 3 to open your tub each year.


Day 3 Shut off the power, then drain and clean the hot tub. Remove the filter(s) and rinse thoroughly and then soak them in the Filter Cleaner (see cleaning filter notes)

“IMPORTANT” Using your garden hose, spray down the hot tub. Hold the garden hose up to each jet starting with the top jets, go around and down flushing each jet line. This is to run water back through the jets to flush out the jet lines, flush the filter housing & ensure all of the old water is out of the lines. Do this minimum 3 times or more until you no longer see debris coming out of lines.
Dilute javex or vinegar in water to wash entire hot tub, head rests and cover. 
All dirty water must be removed from the tub & wiped dry.
Your hot tub is clean & ready to be filled.

Preparing your garden hose using a clean garden hose eliminates problems associated with water mold. Water mold is white flakes that dissolve when touched in your tub and can be caused by a contaminated garden hose. Call me to learn how to remove the mold. To prevent water mold, pour 4 cups bleach or vinegar into the garden hose to clean it. Let it soak for 15 minutes. Next, attach the hose to the faucet and flush it thoroughly with water. Do this prior to a fresh fill. (This is completely different from flakes caused by calcium or mineral build up.)

Fill your tub with using the Spa Pre-Filter             Filters 28,000 liters of water

The filter is designed to remove most of the elements, minerals and impurities, giving you cleaner softer water. Attach the Spa Prefilter to garden hose and flush for 30 seconds & fill the hot tub.
Use it to top up your water. If the flow is restricted, it is full of elements and minerals. It is now time to replace the Spa Pre-filter.

If you need to add stain and scale, add when filling your tub in cold water.

Cleaning Your Filters       Rinse the filter weekly                   Deep clean the filter monthly

Rinse the filter thoroughly then .
It is beneficial to have 2 sets of filters so you can rotate them.

Rinse your filters at least once per week with the Filter Flosser. 
The filter is the most important part of your hot tub.  Clean your filters at least once a month with the
All Natural Hot Tub Cleanser/Filter Cleaner. I highly recommend getting an extra set of filters so you can use the rotation method of cleaning your filters.  This way you will always have a clean filter available when you need to clean the one in the hot tub. 
Take the dirty filter out of the hot tub, hose off thoroughly with the
Filter Flosser.
Pour 2 – ½ oz. pre-measured filter cleaner into a pail. Next, add the filter and fill the pail with cold water. Soak the filter for 24 hours then remove the filter and rinse it.  

Adding 3 Month Hot Tub Water Treatment

  1. Heat the water to temperatures above 90 degrees F.
    Then test the alkalinity & PH using test strips.

  2. Alkalinity must be in range 80 -120. If it’s too low add Alkalinity increaser.
    If it's too high add PH down.

  3. Wait 5 hours to retest the alkalinity and repeat if necessary. Do not exceed 3 application of pH up or down in a day.

  4. Work on Alkalinity first then PH.  The PH must be in the range of 7.8 - 8.2 adjust accordingly

  5. If numbers are in range shake and add 1 full bottle of 3 month water treatment
    Only use ½ bottle for under 800 liters of water.
    Circulate water for 30 minutes and enjoy the hot tub.

  6. The 3 month water treatment may take up to 5 days to stabilize in the water. If you experience cloudy water, retest and adjust your PH & alkalinity. 1 hour later add 2 tbsp chlorine.

    If you have questions call me, I am here to support you.
    You can send me a photo of your test strip for clarification. text it to 204-795-1212 or email


    If you experience foam / scum line / cloudy water / odour there may be excessive amounts of contaminates in the water due to lotions, oils etc.  To clear up your water quickly rinse your filters and add 2 tablespoons of Chlorine Granules.
    Sometimes this odor might come from the cover or headrests. Wipe these down with a diluted bleach solution.  Your water will clear up, you do not have to drain your tub.

    Repeat if necessary. Please check your Ph. & Alkalinity to ensure they are in range, if out of range adjust your numbers.

    Filter Flosser   

    Attach to garden hose to rinse filters.  A clean filter ensures better water quality. 


    Adding 1-2 tbsp. of chlorine once per week and rinsing  your filters is part of a weekly maintenance routine.
    leave the hot tub cover open and turn your jets on high, the chlorine will gas out in a couple of hours and is ready for use that evening. If you do the maintenance at night when you get out of the tub just hose the filter off and shock with 2 tablespoons of the 99% DiChlor, then close the lid and the shock will be gassed out by the following evening.

    Every 3 months add another bottle of 3 month water treatment.


    The Natural Solution is compatible with ozonators and UV lights

    We recommend using Chlorine as a shock.  (We do not recommend bromine)

    ***Health Canada recommends 3 ppm chlorine or bromine***


If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

I offer a 100% GUARANTEE but only if you call so we can resolve any concerns.


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